Metal Acoustical Enclosures

This product works in a variety of application including personnel enclosures, equipment enclosures or walls around noisy equipment. We offer this product in both steel and aluminum and can do custom metal if required. Our standard finish for our enclosure is a RAL powder coat finish. We offer ventilation, lighting and custom interiors for your specific application.

Products specifications
Materials Fill
Galvanized Steel

Mineral-Glass Fiber Acoustic/Thermal

Stainless Steel
Cloth Lining Materials Fiberglass
Special Configurations Perforated /Solid/Perforated
Trim and Accessory Components 2” X 4” Rectangular Tubing (RT)
Ceiling Cap (CC)

Floor Channel (FC)

Inside Angle (IN)

Outside Angle (OA)

Panel Connector (PC)

Wall Corner
Transmission Loss of Standard Wall Panel
Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz) 4 1/4" Panel (TL in dB) 2 1/4" Panel (TL in dB)
125 22 21
250 29 24
500 40 35
1K 48 43
2K 54 52
4K 60 57
STC 41 37
Sound Absorption Coefficients of Standard Wall Panel
1/3 Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz) 4 1/4" Panel 2 1/4" Panel
125 0.86 0.31
250 1.09 0.82
500 1.22 1.19
1K 1.06 1.12
2K 1.05 1.07
4K 1.04 1.06
NRC 1.1 1.11
UL Fire Hazard Ratings as per ASTM E-84
Flame Spread 15
Fuel Contribute 0
Smoke Developed 0
Options Cloth Lining
Different Gauge Construction

Different Insulation Materials and Densities

Different Material Construction

Framed Cutouts/Openings

Primer or Finish Paint

Tongue & Groove
Features All trim is 16 gauge galvanized solid steel furnished in 10 foot lengths for ease of installation
All structural steel where supplied by Noise Control Systems, Inc. will have a prime coat paint applied at the factory.
Noise Control Systems, Inc. furnishes all necessary drawings for approval and erection as well as any structural and or seismic calculations as required.
All fasteners are zinc plated, self-drilling, and self-tapping sheet metal screws.