Acoustical Electric Motor Silencers

Rectangular Sound Attenuators

Noise Control Systems Rectangular Sound Attenuators are designed and engineered to achieve maximum insertion loss with minimum pressure drop. These units are designed for efficient aerodynamic performance and are constructed with superior acoustical materials and galvanized steel guaranteeing excellent reliability and performance. This product is available in any custom size and can be manufactured in one of several banks to be stackable.

Cylindrical Silencers

Noise Control Systems Cylindrical Silencers come in light and heavy gauge material depending on the specific application. The heavy gauge units are used for exhaust and intake piping applications and the lighter gauge product would be used on ductwork type piping. This product comes in many configurations and can be designed to fit the specific noise frequency that needs attenuation.

TEFC Electric Motor Silencers

These units are constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel. The dimensional information below gives overall width and height of the NCS Silencers. All that is required is the intake size and the face appearance of the motor. This would be the D & E dimension as shown in the drawing. In addition to our standard sizes below, this product can be manufactured in many configurations and sizes to custom fit your specific application. A typical pressure drop us 0.75" in the range of 1650 to 18000 CFM.