Industrial Systems

Metal Acoustical Enclosures

This product works in a variety of application including personnel enclosures, equipment enclosures or walls around noisy equipment. We offer this product in both steel and aluminum and can do custom metal if required. Our standard finish for our enclosure is a RAL powder coat finish. We offer ventilation, lighting and custom interiors for your specific application.

Acoustical Curtains

This is a low cost method used to reduce noise around equipment or protect personnel from noise in a work area. This product can be configured into complete enclosures with roofs or a partial enclosure around a section of equipment in a manufacturing plant. Installation is very easy and if installed correctly will offer several years of service.

Acoustical Electric Motor Silencers

Our motor silencers are unique because they offer less pressure drop than most products of this type. This is a great product in a plant of manufacturing facility were personnel are exposed to walk by noise which can be eliminated using this product. We make this product both in steel and aluminum and can offer custom finishes. As you can see from our literature we do custom product to fit your specific application.

Acoustical Lagging Products

NCS is one the only companies nationally that offer these custom made acoustical blankets and covers. We build lagging cover for centrifugal blowers, compressors, piping or any application that requires noise reduction.