Acoustical Lagging Products

Acoustical & Thermal Removable and Reusable Blankets

In our 13 years of being in business and refining the products we manufacture, we feel that our custom blankets are superior for your noise control and thermal applications. Besides offering these products, we offer noise control documentation on a before and after basic and complete line of other noise products to satisfy your requirements. NCS is committed to offer our customers the most economical solution to its noise control and thermal problems.

Acoustic-Jacket Noise Barrier

Noise Control Systems Acoustical-Jacket noise barrier acoustical jacketing and sheeting products are a composite product(s) consisting of:

  • Limp, dense, mass filled (barium sulfate) vinyl film. 0.040 to 0.160 in (1.01 - 4.04 mm) in thickness and in weight from 0.5 to 2.0 lbs/cu ft (2.44 - 9.76 kg/M²), respectively in 4ft – 0 in (1.216 M) widths.

Laminated, using a compatible, tested, double faced visco-elastic adhesive film on:

  • Aluminum- 0.16 to 0.050 in (0.406 to 1.27 mm) in thickness, type 3003 or 3105 alloys, temper H-14-19
  • Stainless Steel 0.010 or 0.017 in (0.254 or 0.43 mm) in thickness, type 304 or 316 and/or
  • Galvanized Steel and painted metals (28 to 18 ga )

Note: All metals are available in mill finish or stucco embossed roll goods or cut to length sheets, flat or profiled selection, from 3' to 30' (.91 to 9.1M) lengths and 30 to 48 in (76.2 to 121.9 cm) effective width coverage. 3/16 in (4.76 mm) corrugation, in roll goods, available upon request.

Standard Acoustic-Jacket mass filled vinyl 1.0 lbs/sq ft (4.88 kg/M²) laminated to 0.020 in (.508 mm) stucco embossed aluminum in 100 sq.ft. rolls (9.29M) 25' 0" L x 4' 0"W (7.6M L x 1.2M W).

Laminated lead sheet faced with 1 mil (0.025mm) polyfilm to reduce exposure hazard.

Acoustical Pipe/Duct Lagging

Model LAG 10 Acoustical Pipe/Duct Lagging, as manufactured by NCS, combines a loaded vinyl with a reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side.

The vinyl provides mass and flexibility while the aluminum foil adds increased mechanical strength, weatherability, an attractive appearance and improves fire retardancy.

Lag 10 is available with a nominal 1” thick quilted fiberglass decoupler which allows the vinyl barrier to float independently of the noise source thus maximizing performance.

Loaded Vinyl Noise Barriers

Noise Control Systems is a manufacturer and provider of Reinforced and unreinforced vinyl barriers recommended for various applications and colors including but not limited to Balk, Gray, Tan and others; recommended for different applications. Also Foil Faced Pipe Wraps designed for lagging pipes and ducts, Wall and Ceiling Perforated Metal as well as Composites loaded vinyl with acoustical foams.